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Knowledge of medical treatments is usually not equally distributed between physicians and patients. Often, doctors need to analyze the available data in the medical domain and then communicate the results about possible options to the patient. MARKUS A. FEUFEL has focused his research on the challenge of this communication. As he describes in this video, his research team found that it is not only the patients who have difficulties understanding medical statistics but physicians as well. In particular, they noted these difficulties in connection with the statistical format called „relative risks”. As a consequence, they developed suggestions and interventions to improve the doctor-patient communication and the understanding of risks connected to medical data.


Markus A. Feufel is Assistant Professor of Ergonomics at Technische Universität Berlin. Some of his previous affiliations include the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. His research is focused, among other topics, on risk communication and informed decision-making as well as bounded rationality and decision-making under uncertainty. He has received various awards for his academic work and won a Fulbright Fellowship.

Original publication

Statistische Risiken und Unsicherheit in PatientInneninformationen

Feufel Markus A.
Gesundheitsforschung kommunizieren, Stakeholder Engagement gestalten
Published in 2017

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