LATEST THINKING is an Open Access Video Journal providing summaries of current research findings covering all academic fields from astronomy to physics, from biology to philosophy. Our original videos are abstracts of peer-reviewed academic publications, brought to you by the authors themselves and embedded in a unique video player which navigates you through the scholar's flow of ideas. Themed clusters and playlists guide you to your areas of interest; reading recommendations and additional information on the scholars and their field of study round off the experience. LATEST THINKING is where scientists share their insights.


Why We Do it – Our Vision

We believe that as many people as possible should have access to cutting-edge research. Yet most scientific publications are written for an expert audience only and enshrined behind paywalls. This prevents the interested public from accessing seminal knowledge, let alone, benefitting from it. Thus it is our goal to increase the impact of scientific findings and promote transparency for the sake of progress and innovation in all areas of society.


How We Do it – Our Service

We offer a full service for scholars who want to share their findings with the public and boost the outreach of their research with an open access video publication by LATEST THINKING. Our video shootings are crafted to conveniently fit a tight work schedule and the needs of our interviewees: shootings on the spot, a technically sophisticated and fast production process, and a great outreach impact factor. The latter is guaranteed by the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY 4.0) which we apply to our videos. We welcome dissemination: Feel free to pass on the knowledge!


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