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Extend your Audience

We help you to get the attention and impact your research deserves. Our Video Publications allow you to reach and convince a wider audience, ranging from the broader scientific community to policy makers and the interested public.

Journal publications have proven to be an effective tool for a narrow peer group: scientists. In order to bring the content of the journals to a wider audience, we have developed a next generation approach to academic publishing.

The Academic Video

We have developed the LT Video Publication as a new form of communication which meets all the demands of academic publishing while being equally attractive to a broader audience.

Accurate & Catchy
  • Linked to publications
  • DOI-referenced
  • Directly from the researcher
  • Featuring the institution
Progressive & Modern
  • 4k Recording
  • Green screen studio
  • Embedded Player
  • Free Hosting

Reach Out to the World

We publish your LT Video on our website lt.org and provide you with an embedded player that allows you to include the video on your websites. Our LT approach to social media, tried and tested on hundreds of videos, allows us to reach the relevant target groups based on topics and disciplines. In addition, we have teamed up with partners like Alexander Street and Open Research Library who deliver LT videos to American universities, libraries, schools and other educational institutions.

What We Offer


  • - We appreciate the depth of your research and we will help you to reach more people without trivializing the content of your work.
  • - At LT we see video as a means and not the end. Therefore, we consider the dissemination of your video as a core component of our service to you.
  • - Your time is important to us and we do all the work before and after the shooting; you only need to block 2 hours of your time.


  • - Hundreds of videos show that our LT Video Publication works for researchers from all disciplines without prior video experience.
  • - We do not leave you alone but guide you through the entire process from topic identification to video coaching until approval and dissemination.
  • - At LT.org you will be among the most prestigious research organizations and researchers that already trust our LT Services – see for yourself.

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We are strong advocates of the Open Access idea. All our videos are licensed under Creative Commons terms (CC-BY 4.0).