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In the laboratory experiment presented in this video, experimental CEOs were compensated either through stock options or restricted company stock. It shows that stock options induce excessive risk-taking in some cases and that company performance is generally better under compensation through restricted company stock. As FERDINAND M. VIEIDER points out, the main determinant of risk-taking under compensation through stock options was found to be the personal asset position of the experimental CEO.


Ferdinand M. Vieider is the Head of the Junior Research Group ‘Risk and Development’ at Berlin Social Science Center (WZB) and Professor in Economics at the University of Reading (UK). In his research he focuses on development economics, behavioral economics, decision making under risk and uncertainty, and policy evaluation.

He was an Excellence Fellow at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and a ‘Franco Romani’ Fellow of the Luigi Einaudi Foundation (Rome, Italy).


University of Reading

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Original publication

Risk Taking of Executives under Different Incentive Contracts: Experimental Evidence

Mathieu Lefebvre and Ferdinand M. Vieider
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Published in 2013

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