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Our society is becoming more and more diverse concerning cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious aspects. Therefore, children growing up in a pluralistic society need intercultural competence as a key skill. Schools are a prominent place where children can acquire this competence and some studies suggest that physical education is a particularly adept subject to transmit intercultural competence because it combines motor, cognitive, social and emotional aspects. ELKE GRIMMINGER-SEIDENSTICKER has examined whether intercultural competence can indeed be promoted by physical education lessons that are planned on the basis of the Intercultural Education Movement program. Her intervention study shows surprising results as she explains in this video. The researchers actually decreased the intercultural competence of the students involved and their analysis of this led them to suggest recommendations for future developments in physical education lessons.


Elke Grimminger-Seidensticker is Professor of Sports Didactics and Chair of Research for the research unit ‘School and Education’ at the TU Dortmund University. Before this appointment, she was Junior Professor of Movement and Sports Pedagogy at the University of Hamburg. Among her fields of interest are social processes in physical education, intercultural learning, as well as competence development and professionalization in physical education. In her research work, she employs psychological and sociological theories and links different theoretical and empirical approaches to the social sciences.

Original publication

Intercultural Education in Physical Education: Results of a Quasi-Experimental Intervention Study with Secondary School Students

Grimminger-Seidensticker Elke and Möhwald Aiko
Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
Published in 2016

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