Anne Koch How Is Yoga Spirituality Transforming in the Face of Modernity?

Anne Koch is Professor for Religious Studies at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (Austria). She has held positions of Intermediate Professor at the universities of Berlin (Free University), Basel (Switzerland) and Munich. Koch’s reserach focuses on contemporary institutional, networked and informal religion in European and global history of religion. A further interest is the economics of (global) yoga, which led her to do a two-year field research in Japan, examining cosmoploitical spirituality. She participated in the LMU Mentoring for highly qualified female researchers and received the Gender Equality Grant from the University of Munich twice.

Area of Research

Cultural Study of Contemporary Religion, Economics of Religion, Alternative and Spiritual Healing, Cognitive Aesthetics of Religion, Cosmopolitanism, Spirituality

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Consultant to Architectural Firm Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kergaßner

Regarding the Design of a Multi-Religious Prayer Room at the International Conference Building near Munich


Consultant to the 2005 “National Garden Festival” (BUGA), Munich

For the “Place of World Religions”, and Moderator of the Interreligious Dialogue Group


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- Mentoring Program of Excellence, University of Munich (2014-2015)

- Funding for Gender Equality, University of Munich (2010, 2012)


- Member of DFG Research Network Aesthetics of Religion (2015)

- Member of the steering committee of the Religion in Europe Consultation at the American Academy of Religion (2011-2014)

- Fellowship Bilateral Scientist Exchange DAAD-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokio (2013)

- Invitation Fellowship DAAD-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokio (2013)

- Founding-Member of the Working Group ‘Aesthetics of Religion’ in the DVRW (2008-2010)

- German Research Development Program (HWP), Habilitation Scholarship (2001-2003)

- DAAD Graduate Scholarship for Study Year at Jerusalem/Israel (1995-1996)

- Member of FWO Research Foundation Flanders

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- McDaniel College Presidential Funds (2007)

- DFG Travel Grant to AAR Washington (2006)

- McDaniel College Funds (2006)

- DVRW Travel Grant to EASR Santander/Spain (2003)

- Grant for PhD Publication, Ingelheim-Boehringer Foundation and Lutheran Church of Bavaria (2002)

Using participant observation and qualitative interviews in the Yoga scene the study presented in this interview investigates the characteristics of cosmopolitan spirituality. Findings from behavioral economics on altruism and religious giving are used to shed light on Yoga charity events. They exhibit an innovative mixture of generosity and liberal elements, such as competition, ANNE KOCH explains. Thus the observations challenge the traditional concepts of religion and spirituality, and indicate a key-transformation of cosmopolitan spirituality towards an outward social activism.

LT Video Publication DOI:

Competitive Charity: A Neoliberal Culture of ‘Giving Back’ in Global Yoga

  • Anne Koch
  • Journal of Contemporary Religion
  • Published in 2015
Anne Koch. "Competitive Charity: A Neoliberal Culture of ‘Giving Back’ in Global Yoga." Journal of Contemporary Religion 30 (2015): 73-88.