What we do

Our goal is to communicate science in a way that is accessible to everybody. With videos as visual tools, we transport complex findings and share research insights efficiently and in highest quality. We aim to empower scientists to spread their work even outside of their peer group by creating an infrastructure that enables them to become active communicators of their research.

Science is a key
resource for societies

Every human being has the
right to access knowledge

Knowledge has the
power to transform

Latest Thinking offers both an entry point for science topics as well as a more in-depth look into the topics and disciplines. By combining academic research with appealing illustration design in a video format, we want to take part in creating an international science community that is more connected to society.


Important research is happening all over the world. Now it needs to make its way into the public.


Text publications offer a lot of depth into the findings but are targeted mostly towards the peer group.


The LT Video Publication makes for a perfect addition to the text publication by opening research insights up to a wider audience.

Our Innovation

We have developed Video Publications as a new standard for Science Communication. These Video Publications are characterized by compelling visuals and excellent quality that meets scientific standards. They are structured into chapters, standardized in length and supported by illustrations for better understanding. Additionally, the videos are based on one or more peer reviewed papers or monographies and are DOI referenced.

LT Video Publication


Presented by Scientists


Highlighted by Illustrations


Structured by Chapters


Who are we?

Based in the German city of Hamburg, our international team is committed to revolutionizing the world of science communication. We are experts in Film, Design and IT, brought together by a vision to bridge the gap between science and society. In combining these elements, we have created a new approach to communicate cutting-edge research in a way that is both educational and appealing.

Who are our partners

We are thankful for the trust of our numerous partners in the science community. If you feel like we could collaborate, please reach out to us! We would not be here without our great partners. Thanks for inspiring and supporting us on the journey!