Get the Word Out on Your Latest Thinking

We warmly welcome scientific submissions of all publications that meet our selection criteria. By additionally publishing your paper as an LT Publication you reach a wider audience and can make your research work much better accessible, especially for laypeople and scientists from other fields. The videos are a joint work where our interviewers assist you in explaining your research project to people from another background. Get more information on the process of the interviews that are the cornerstone of each LT publication. [Interview guide]

Process - Before and After

To ensure a high scientific standard we rely on the standard review processes of the respective disciplines and usually do not accept unpublished research. The process of preparing an LT Publication can begin as soon as the paper is accepted for publication by a leading journal, editor or publisher. Thus it is possible to have the LT Publication ready when the original study is published.

After your submitting your publication to us we will get in touch with you. If the publication is accepted, we will agree on a place and date for the video shooting that’s close to you. Our interviewer will read your paper and will meet you, together with the camera operator, to interview you on your research. After that the footage is edited and cut resulting in a video of something between 9 to 19 minutes, our writers and web editors prepare your profile page on our website and once both is completed you receive a link to review the material. When you approve of the LT Publication, the video is released and you and the funding institution get a version of the video for your own use.

All LT Publications are published under a CC-BY license. The authors of every LT Publication are the presenting author of the research and Latest Thinking. Before the video or the connected content is published, both parties must approve of it. After the approval the LT Publication as a whole is published on and the video can be embedded and shared on the researcher’s website, institutional websites, in social media networks or on any other platform. We charge article processing charges similar to open access journals to cover the costs for producing and editing the video, presenting it on our platform and keeping your profile up to date. The decision on which publications are accepted remains with us.

Selection Criteria

Building upon established and recognized review processes by leading journals, publishers and editors we are looking for research of outstanding scientific quality. To estimate the societal and scientific relevance of these reviewed publications we rely, among other things, upon the judgement of public research funding organizations, science communicators, researchers as well as scientific institutions and academics, but also take into account metrics and altmetrics.

Your Advantages

  • Open Access

    Your LT Publication of you research is freely and easily accessible and comprehensible for non-scientists as well as colleagues from other disciplines or branches of science. Although the original publication is written for fellow experts in your field the video makes it accessible  and you reach a wide audience.

  • Publicity

    We can publish your LT Publication simultaneously to the publication of your original research and it is referenced and linked, so your original research will receive more attention and traffic. Moreover, the video may be freely embedded and shared on your or your institution’s website, in social media networks or on any other platform.

  • Impact

    The impact of any research depends on reaching a broad audience; we support you in communicating your research in a way that reaches also experts from other fields. Reach decision-makers of all walks of life! Your LT Publication will be present on the Latest Thinking platform; it can be shared in social networks and embedded on your or your institution’s website.

  • Social Responsibility

    Science and research results guide every aspect of our lives and are mostly funded publicly. Therefore, the scientific community holds a high responsibility of being transparent and accountable to the public. Latest Thinking supports this aim by making research results more easily understood and accessible to everybody.

We warmly welcome submissions of published works of research. Emails regarding submissions should be send to:


Phone: +49 40 53 79 78 280